Leanne Daharja Veitch's Compositions

This page contains the original compositions of Leanne Daharja Veitch (daharja@gmail.com)

Wheel of the Year

Written in 2004, "The Wheel Of The Year: A Pagan Song Cycle", was Leanne's first composition. It was premiered by ROCS in 2004. The "Wheel" has since been performed by nearly a dozen choirs and small ensembles around the world (in Germany, Canada, the USA, the UK and Australia), and has enjoyed far more success than she would have expected! It continues to be performed regularly, especially within the worldwide Pagan community.

This piece celebrates the eight sacred days of the Pagan community, which are collectively known as the Wheel of the Year. All of the text and music is original and copyright to the composer, except where indicated.

Download: WheeloftheYear.pdf

Crescent Moon

Crescent Moon is by no means a traditional choral piece. My goals as a composer are to return to the roots of vocal music, and to create music that is for the people - music that can be easily understood and identified with, and that speaks to the heart and spirit rather than to the mind.

This is the first in what will eventually be a trio of songs dedicated to the moon. The text is original.

Crescent Moon was submitted (under a pseudonym) to the ROCS composition competition and won second prize. It was premiered by ROCS on 7th September 2007.

Download: CrescentMoon.pdf and CrescentMoon.mid

About Leanne Daharja Veitch

I've been singing in various choirs since 1992, including a number of AICSA choirs (Flinders University Choral Society, Adelaide University Choral Society, Melbourne University Choral Society, Monash university Choral Society, and RMIT Occasional Choral Society) as well as the Melbourne Chamber Choir, but I am new to composition and have no formal musical training.

I write because I love music, and love to share my musical ideas with others. Whether my compositions are 'any good' I don't know, but people seem to enjoy them, so I will keep writing!