Research Interests

In contrast with traditional information systems, which have primarily concentrated on the efficient storage and retrieval of static information structures, my research has focussed on the modelling of dynamic systems and how information systems can be embedded into the constantly changing processes of the real world. I first investigated the dynamic processes of legal structures, specifically the New Zealand Resource Management Act, and developed a novel representation using coloured Petri nets. Since then I have developed and extended coloured Petri net models for workflow modelling systems and have supervised the development of a workflow modelling development tool that uses this technology. I am now extending this work into agent-based systems and am investigating how agent conversations can be modelled using coloured Petri net technology.

Another dynamic modelling research interest is software engineering processes of distributed development teams. In this connection I participated in research projects that developed issue-based information system software tools. We are now working on the development of new, agent-based dynamic modelling tools that will facilitate the ability of globally extended software teams to work together effectively.